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tv   [untitled]    March 25, 2011 1:00pm-1:30pm PDT

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because people need help but they attack you when you help them but let's keep helping them anyway and give the world the best you got and you'll get kicked in the teeth, but guess what, give the world the best you got anyway. thank you very much. ♪ul, for that
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enlightening outlook. now, we are going to invite our mayor to the stage and also our managing editor, jim gardner, who is going to moderate a conversation with the mayor. first, we will hear from each of them. they will tell us about their
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priorities and their outlook and vision for the city, and jim has prepared a number of questions. after that, we will also ask if any of you would like to send up some questions for gin to ask the mayor. there are some little index cards at your table. throughout the presentation, you can write your question down, just hold your hand up high, and we will circulate through and grab those. just make sure we can see you, and we will bring them up to jim. something about jim, one thing to know is that he writes the editorials that appear every week in our newspaper. we get a lot of kudos for his work on that, so pretty proud of him at that level. there's a lot of things on the business side, but that is the one you can count on him for every single week. since san francisco is the host city, mayor lee was gracious
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enough to allow mayor kwan to go first. well, zack, and welcome, merkel on -- mayor kwan. [applause] >> good morning, all. it is my pleasure to welcome you on behalf of the partners and lawyers at my firm. we are in historic times. 34 years ago, i was privileged to help with the election and administration of the first african-american mayor of oakland. we continue to make history because today, i'm honored to introduce the first asian american woman as mayor of oakland, the first asian mayor of oakland, and the first asian- american woman elected as mayor of any major city in the united states. she and ed lee, the first asian
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american mayor of san francisco, make a rare and great hair. their selection indicates progress. slow progress, but progress nonetheless. our mayor is a woman of many firsts. she was the first asian-american woman elected to the open school board and the first to the oakland city council. but always first are the people that she serves. a 32-year oakland resident, she has dedicated her life to making government work for people. her experience and inspiration came from the civil and human rights struggles of the 1960's, as did ed lee's, my own, and their number of people in this room. personal history is important. her history, determination to deal with the complex histories in the world give us a lot of hope for the struggles facing
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our city. her soft-spoken manner, her campaign style, her work ethic, her focus and ability to connect with everyday citizens, plus, her truly amazing energy. she is everywhere and always on, are what will enable her to leave oakland to solving the almost but not quite overwhelming economic, social, and planning issues that we face. i need to give you one warning about our mayor -- telling jean kwan that she cannot do something just makes her work harder to prove you wrong. before she speaks, and i actually bring her to the podium, we will hear a very short clip that presents a side of oakland that you may not be aware of. >> i think what makes it special is something called the music genome project.
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15 musicians have work force for almost 10 years. they listen to songs one by one and analyze them along with 400 musical after this. that is how we power pandora. pandora is a technology company on the cutting edge in terms of utilizing the lead, but the underlying technology has helped handbill divide humans. we have to focus a lot of our efforts and energy on the modernization part of pandora, which is advertising. -- the modernization part of pandora. we have a website that draws users i am and causes them to click through and do all those things advertisers want. we also have invested heavily in our advertiser sales team. we have a lot of people who support the sales team to help put that forward. you can feel in oakland a real connection to the community. very diverse, very human, very interactive friendly place with a rich musical history.
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a good portion of our employees live in and around oakland. a lot of people get here by public transportation and walk and bike and so on. it is kind of a logical place for us to be, and i think we will be your for many years to come. >> it is my pleasure and honor to introduce you to our new energy efficient and trail blazing mayor of oakland, jean kwon. [applause] >> good morning. the reason i wanted to show the pandora clip, the founders of pandora were even more specific. they basically said that should they try to move their company out of oakland, they would face a major rebellion on behalf of their employees. one of my famous -- themes of my administration has been to ask the nation and to ask oakland to take a fresh look at the city.
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oakland is clearly recently named by "forbes" teh fift -- the fifth coolest city in the country. i like that when the most. this friday, we will have part murmur. you will see to thousand or 3000 mostly young people on the streets of downtown oakland going to art galleries, listening to music, eating grilled cheese sandwiches from our outdoor night market restaurant strip on 23rd. it is an interesting and amazing place. not the oakland you may see in the news or the oakland you may remember from your childhood and that a lot of ex-oaklanders may remember. oakland is the second most literate city in the nation, the city with the best weather --
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sorry, sand francisco. -- sorry, san francisco. we are constantly being named as the most diverse city. that is, like, 129 languages spoken in our public schools. our latest group, the winner of our spelling contest is a young lady from nepal. oakland is a city that is constantly reinventing itself, whether it be in the end of the transcontinental railroad with dozens of hundreds of different kinds of european immigrants across the country, or the home to the borders that gave birth to a jazz movement, or today, as the most affordable place for new immigrants coming to the bay area to live. each of them leave a mark. one thing that i would say, when you come to oakland, is that of
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lenders -- is that oaklanders are pretty passionate about our city. i was teasing ed that he and i have probably made more public appearances together then my husband and i have in the last couple of months. i can assure you that we work really closely together, which resolves a couple of major longstanding issues. what we may not have in height over the last two mayors, we certainly have in sight, and we have a tradition -- we certainly have in fight, and we have a tradition of fighting together. [applause] there are a couple of things happening in oakland that you may not have paid attention to, but in the in, asking you to invest in oakland in a different way. yes, i do what your dollars,
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it is no secret that oakland is the port city in the bay area. our report is pretty much back to pre recession levels and terms of imports, exports. we export about as much as we import.
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i had a stake in -- which is an organic meat producer based in oakland. this represents some of the changing american habits. this is very interesting, i have some relatives in china. they are worried about pollution and you have this growing market for california organic foods. that is amazing.
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i take bart all the time. in the global world, i would bet you that we are on more national papers in china then we were in the u.s.. i caught my first congratulations. i got my first e-mail with an hour from a cousin of mine who is living in shanghai. this is a global economy. then we will be hosting a conference for the region to talk about how we can improve our import and export markets and this is a part of the
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future. we talked about hospitals being built in san francisco. we are taking over -- we are catching up on the retail and oakland has been underserved. there is a lot of complicated reasons for that. we are going to be giving special developmental incentives for retail development along the corridor to try to return some of the retell back to oakland.
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this is one of the most profitable. there is an under search need in oakland and this is a good time to come in. this area is extremely underserved. almost every woman in oakland told me that they needed more shopping. that is a powerful source of funds. we are the cultural and entertainment center for the east bay. we have people moving into the valley because they want a city with great transportation.
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our global warming exhibit is a national model for teacher education. we had some amazing opportunities. we are trying to make a premier entertainment area. we went to the restaurants and the art galleries.
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oakland is ready for business. we are well-positioned. i told the luncheon in oakland a couple months ago that we will be restructuring our insistence on economic development. basically, and good investments downtown and regional infrastructure. this is a major -- in the mayor's office.
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we are looking at ranges from two-five years. we are doing very well with stimulus brands. we expect to see major industries. they can get 90% paid for. we can have a concierge service. we will take some with the forms to you, fill out those forms, and find and architect and construction company if you
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want. clearly, oakland has become the home to major new cream companies. they are now leading a cluster of about half of the software companies. pandora it is on my iphone. we are developing a cultural climate of business over there that you will see a lot more new york and softer porn -- we will see a lot more in your
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and softer products. i have led a lot of the urban coalition says. i am leading a campaign and there is a card on each of your tables. in this city where unemployment for african-american youth is 28%, this is twice the national average. among african-american young men, only about 30% are greg tweeting from high-school.
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i want you to adopt one of our schools. i want to have mentors for the kids who are chronically truant, who have problems. i am asking you to look at in giving 8 -- to the public school teachers. and bring them into shadow your employees for a month. when they go back, they can have real world experience. of course, give your young person an internship.
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if you give a young person up an opportunity to shadow someone and the possibilities and if you give them an internship, they're more likely to graduate from high school, they're more likely to go on to college. that is the kind of experience we want. oakland, but this was the number 8 the city with the most woman entrepreneurs. there is an engineering at the academy that cents for kids to mit the in any of the high school in the east bay. they also said more kids to harvard than any other high school in the east bay. they have a very famous pre engineering program. for many years i was worried that there was no women and very few african americans.
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how did she get interested in engineering? they said, well, we did a chatelin day. you inspired by a woman engineer or a minority? one of the girls said, he was a pretty boring white guy.
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there are kids in oakland that don't have the internet. i cannot imagine a kid today without the internet. we still have that digital gap. you can help me close that gap. there is a struggle to have some rights in this country -- in this country. we have fought against the remnants of discrimination against the chinese-americans. growing up in a state where education is free and well
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funded, that -- every child should have the ability to get an education. this is what makes america different. this is what makes a oakland pretty energetic. this is something that we can to. whether you have read some oakland, this is something that you can help me do. thank you. [applause] >> thank-you.
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that was wonderful. anyone in san francisco who has not recently taken a look at what is going on in oakland, i encourage you to go have dinner at -- and i think that there should be a bus tour. to introduce major league, please welcome to an angel, the president and ceo of golden gate university. -- to introduce mayor lee.
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clacks good morning. if we are proud of our 110 years of being part of the heartbeat and dna. it is my pleasure to introduce the mayor of san francisco. it has been a pleasure to see how he has tackled his priorities and brought stability to san francisco. formally the city administrator, he was appointed unanimously as the successor mayor to the board of supervisors. he is the first asian-american mayor in san francisco history and i would like to congratulate asian-american deal of -- du 0o
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that we have -- i would like to congratulate the asian-american duo that we have. ed lee was confirmed by the board of supervisors. in that role, he has spearheaded government efficiency measures and reforms that reduce the size and cost of government. he has supported the infrastructure for green city government. the first began working for the city and county of san francisco in 1989 as the investigator for the city's first whistle-blower ordinance.
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after that, he served in several positions including the executor of the director of human rights, the director of city purchasing, and director of the department of public works. prior to being appointed to the city administrator in 2005. at this time, we will show a short video clips and then we will introduce the mayor.


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